Read "Debt of Honor" by Tom Clancy available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Razio Yamata is one of Japan's most. Yamata's motivation lies in his desire to pay off a Debt of Honor to his parents and to the country he feels is responsible for their deaths—America. All he needs . Razio Yamata is one of Japan's most influential industrialists, and part of a relatively small group of authority who wield tremendous authority in the.

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Debt of Honor. Jack Ryan Series, Book 8 · Jack Ryan. by Tom Clancy. ebook Yamata's motivation lies in his desire to pay off a Debt of Honor to his parents. Razio Yamata is one of Japan's most influential industrialists, and part of a relatively small group of authority who wield tremendous authority in the Pacific Rim's. See 1 question about Debt of Honor . If you've gotten this far in the Jack Ryan series, Debt of Honor will be an easy and enjoyable audio book with ebook.

Military misadventures follow economic disasters. An intellectual elite resorts to treason. The story could take place today with a slight rearrangement of not so superpowers, China, Russia, Japan and India. I keep reading because I've never left a book unfinished but I almost broke my record with this one and the next. It is lenghty and too much details that reading it some years later are absolutelly irrelevant and unnecessary. I don't have any interest on how the submachine guns work or how the transmission of internet happens before.

Or the motivations of every character in the book.

Also the action line is jumpy, going from a continent to another with just a couple of parragraph to let one find out who is this sections refer to. I barely finished it and plunged into the Executive order because I had already bought it. It is no better. You can add implausibility to the plot and subplots. This may very well be Tom Clancy's most complex and satisfying novel.

It links the bought-and-sold world of politics, the house-of-cards nature of industrial outsourcing and the pervasive though subtle nature of national history and pride. At the intersection of those 3 elements is the dark and ominous spectre of geopolitical ambition realized by the projection of military force.

An entirely believable cast of characters including some old friends from previous Clancy adventures breathes life into the complex plot that draws tighter, like a purse-string suture, until all the elements are within view In a final twist no spoiler here Get it!

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You can check by clicking the "All Editions" …more Goodreads has listings for 57 different editions of this book, it is likely that you have one of them. Power of the Sword. Aug 20, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: In my opinion, this is clearly where the Jack Ryan series jumps the shark.

We want your feedback! One of the best essays A more enjoyable outing than The Sum of All Fears or the lamentable Without Remorse ; Clancy managed here to get it up one last time following the CCCP's dissolution, and I've got to admit that one of my first thoughts on was "holy gawd some Montana nutcase has brought his Debt of Honor recreation society to a horrible climax".