address book ocs office communications server force updating communicator. Details how to force a Communicator client to download the address book immediately. Also includes info on the issue with some clients not. OCS R2 Server is generating address book perfectly. .net//01/20/ forcing-address-book-updates-in-communicatorr2/.

Force Ocs Client To Address Book

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Force the Communicator R2 Address Book to instantly update on both x86 and x64 machines. You can force a refresh by exiting Communicator, deleting that file, the address book is only generated on the OCS server every 24 hours so. Communicator cannot synchronize with the corporate address book of the address book file share and forcing a resync of the address book.

Lync Address Book – Client Synchronization Errors and Common Problems

I wrote about it here: There was also the trick of deleting the GalContacts. The behaviour on this seems to have changed - I think. This seems to be related to the July update if I read this KB correctly: KB The scenario is that you delete the GalContacts files, re-start the Communicator client - and then wait.

The Address Book is downloaded at a random time in that first hour. The registry entry is as follows: If you set this to 0 zero and re-start Communicator your address book will be downloaded immediately.

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My Blog. Do not use Compact Delta file 1: Now they have Communicator R2 giving address book sync error. This is because users Machines fail for CRL check. All users are on Lync.

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The galcontacts. Once we roll out for all users might result in bandwidth issue for address book download. We intend to use web query for batches we have created and assign the policy and once all is complete we can disable websearchonly policy and use the default one.

Isn't this a security risk of having the entire GAL being downloaded to a machine outside of your network if we allow external access via the Edge server? How can we prevent external users from downloading it and only use web search?

Is there a particular https string maybe we can block at our firewall if the Lync client tries to download the address book and that would force it use web search instead?

That could very well be a concern if the cached files are stored on unmanaged computers.

If that is the case then it may be desired to disable the file download method in the policy and allow only the web query method. Thanks Jeff for your reply.

We do want to keep the file download method for internal users. The client policy would apply to both internal and external users if I'm not mistaken.

Hopefully that will force the external clients to resort to just a web query and allow the internal clients to still download the address book. Thanks for the article. Still applies to Lync Sever and Skype for Business We ran into an issue with GAL downloads..

Jeff Schertz said: We effectively knocked that office off the WAN due to address book downloads.

Regenerate Address Book – OCS vs Lync 2010 vs Lync 2013

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March 30, at 8: November 5, at 9: Speak Your Mind Tell us what you're thinking Click here to cancel reply.Please make sure you back up your registry before making changes as making changes to the registry can be harmful to your system if not done properly. Noah Noah 1 7.

It made no difference what the OS was, it was just frustratingly random and difficult to replicate consistently, some clients worked others just plainly refused to play ball. Not an IT pro?

These blog entries will talk about the July update for Communicator R2 and how it introduced a random delay of minutes for Communicator R2 to download an updated GalContacts. I wrote about it here: