New American Inside Out - Intermediate - Students' book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. New American Inside Out. Inside Out - Intermediate - Student Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. new american inside out - pre-intermediate - New American Inside Out is the fruit of many years' teaching, writing and developing Beginner Unit; Elementary Unit; Pre-intermediate Unit

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Home; Try Inside Out Print them out and try them with your next class. Beginner Unit pdf; Elementary Unit 4 Coming Soon; Pre-intermediate Unit 8. pdf. New American. Inside Out. Sue Kay Vaughan Jones. Adapted by: Peter Maggs Catherine Smith. O Student's Book with CD-ROM. Upper intermediate. # # #. The Student's Book provides the skills, grammar and vocabulary foundation for each level. Each New American Inside Out Student's Book is accompanied with.

Contains pages of Elementary Student's Book - Pairwork: Student A; Pairwork: Macmillan, Students can work on their English, whether at work, in class or on the move. There are 12 units and 4 review sections, each mapping to a unit in the student's book.

The resources comprise language, grammar and vocabulary exercises, listening and pronunciation practice, web projects and games.

Philip Kerr. Timber scaffold boards in the UK should comply with the requirements of BS As well as timber, steel or aluminium decking is used, as well as laminate boards.

In addition to the boards for the working platform, there are sole boards which are placed beneath the scaffolding if the surface is soft or otherwise suspect, although ordinary boards can also be used. Another solution, called a scaffpad, is made from a rubber base with a base plate moulded inside; these are desirable for use on uneven ground since they adapt, whereas sole boards may split and have to be replaced.

A short section of steel scaffold tube. Couplers are the fittings which hold the tubes together. The most common are called scaffold couplers, and there are three basic types: right-angle couplers, putlog couplers and swivel couplers. To join tubes end-to-end joint pins also called spigots or sleeve couplers are used.

Inside Out - Intermediate - Student Book

Only right angle couplers and swivel couplers can be used to fix tube in a 'load-bearing connection'. Single couplers are not load-bearing couplers and have no design capacity. Other common scaffolding components include base plates, ladders , ropes , anchor ties, reveal ties, gin wheels, sheeting, etc.

Most companies will adopt a specific colour to paint the scaffolding with, in order that quick visual identification can be made in case of theft. All components that are made from metal can be painted but items that are wooden should never be painted as this could hide defects. Bamboo scaffolding is widely used in Hong Kong [8] and Macau [9] , with nylon straps tied into knots as couplers.

Basic scaffolding[ edit ] The key elements of the scaffolding are the standard, ledger and transoms. The standards, also called uprights, are the vertical tubes that transfer the entire weight of the structure to the ground where they rest on a square base plate to spread the load.

The base plate has a shank in its centre to hold the tube and is sometimes pinned to a sole board. Ledgers are horizontal tubes which connect between the standards.

New American Inside Out - Intermediate - Students' book

Transoms rest upon the ledgers at right angles. Main transoms are placed next to the standards, they hold the standards in place and provide support for boards; intermediate transoms are those placed between the main transoms to provide extra support for boards.

In Canada this style is referred to as "English". Scaffolding in Tretyakovsky Proyezd , Moscow As well as the tubes at right angles there are cross braces to increase rigidity, these are placed diagonally from ledger to ledger, next to the standards to which they are fitted. If the braces are fitted to the ledgers they are called ledger braces. Of the couplers previously mentioned, right-angle couplers join ledgers or transoms to standards, putlog or single couplers join board bearing transoms to ledgers - Non-board bearing transoms should be fixed using a right-angle coupler.

Swivel couplers are to connect tubes at any other angle. The actual joints are staggered to avoid occurring at the same level in neighbouring standards. Basic scaffold dimensioning terms. No boards, bracing or couplers shown The spacings of the basic elements in the scaffold are fairly standard.

For a general purpose scaffold the maximum bay length is 2. The scaffolding width is determined by the width of the boards, the minimum width allowed[ where?

On the left is Ben, and on the right is Tony, both aged five. Ben is looking at the camera but he looks quite serious, and Tony's laughing and messing about. They're identical twins, but Ben takes after me, and Tony takes after his father. They're like chalk and cheese, and I think this photo really shows that.

It's my favourite photo of the boys, and I carry it in my diary all the time now: 'I keep this photo on my desk at work, because it makes me smile every time I look at it. It's a photo of my wife, Jenny, on a beach in Croatia about six or seven years ago. I remember it was just after breakfast, and she was sitting with her face in the sun. We were the only people on the beach, and it was a nice moment.

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I like it, because she isn't frowning at me for once: 'This was taken a couple of months after I met my girlfriend. She's an actor too, and we were working on a television series. We were playing the part of a couple, so it was quite interesting on the set!

I have lots of photos of her on my phone, but this is the only one with both of us in it. I think everyone has photos on their phone these days: 'Ananda is a child in India who I'm sponsoring through Action Aid, and this is the first photo I ever saw of her.

I carry this photo, because she isn't smiling in it. Every photo I've seen since I started sponsoring her shows her smiling. To me, this photo is precious, because it remirids me of why I'm sponsoring her: 2 Read the article again and match each person with their reason for carrying the photo.

Tell your partner. Dynamic and stative meanings 1 'Ben Dynamic meaning Use simple or continuous forms He usually smiLes all the time but he isn't smiLing now.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Stative meaning Use only simple forms She Likes taking photos. NOTShe's liking Did you understand? NOT Were you uneerstaneing? Note: Some verbs eg have, look, think can have both meanings: I think my camera is useless.

Match each example of look 1 and 2 with the correct meaning.Listening Listening to an interview about life in the s and selecting the statements that match the speaker's opinions.

Stative meaning Use only simple forms She Likes taking photos. Present perfect simple and continuous Vocabulary Family. Discuss with a partner.

Reading Visiting an external website and answering questions about a famous department store. What do you think the relationship is between the people and the people in the photos that they're holding?

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