Report. Wild and Free (The Three #3) by Kristen Ashley #Paranormal_Romance @ Wild and Free - Kristen KB. Like Show likes. In Kristen Ashley's first anthology, readers will find three short stories and two novellas taking them back to Wild Like the Wind (Chaos #6) Kristen Ashley. epub. by Kristen Ashley on January 28, Original TitleFree (Chaos Series); CreatorKristen Ashley; Languageen Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley · Soaring by.

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Wild and Free book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Abel Jin and Delilah Johnson have lived their lives with a hole in. Ally Landry Related Search: kristen ashley wild like the wind pdf, kristen ashley wild like the wind epub, kristen ashley wild like the wind read. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kristen Ashley is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She grew up in Indiana, but has lived in Colorado .

Along this journey, he watched his father, Tack, and his MC brothers fight, sweat, bleed and die to steer the Club to legitimacy. A battle they have to win. But when Rush meets the woman who put herself right in the thick of it, he knows he has to stop at nothing to get her out.

She puts her career on the line, and her life, to bring the man who did it to justice. That is, she does this until Rush Allen intervenes. Already have an account? Sign in. I remember, sign in. Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive. So we have a limit on the number of downloads. If you want to increase this limit, your can make a donation:. Donate Now. Search Home About Donate.

Cover 2. Free 3. Table of Contents 4. Prologue 5. Chapter One 6. Chapter Two 7. Chapter Three 8. Chapter Four 9.

Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Part of their connection is that they both knew right away they were each others. At first, I missed the build up and the tension that a typical KA book offers. However, Abel and Delilah won me over. Truth be told with the fate of the world in their hands there wasn't enough time to "get to know each other".

Free by Kristen Ashley

That being said the attraction and chemistry between these two was instant and HOT! Delilah has a strong biker family that takes her back. Hook her dad is the best! Abel also has been adopted into a family of humans that have been loving him for decades. With the power of all three power couples they prepare for battle. Callum and Lucien are quick to take Abel under their wings. They became instant brothers and the hot bod trio is awesome!

Abel has spent a life feeling alone and thinking he was a monster. The healing Delilah and these men bring to him make him complete. Equally touching was the girl power in book 3! Delilah, Leah, and Sonia are probably my favorite group of besties of all time!

Think sex in the city with a paranormal punch! The girls trained right next to their men getting ready for battle!

What's not to love about Yuri finding his mate in this deal? Overall, Wild and Free was a great wrap up to the series. Truth be told it wasn't near as good for me as the second book in the series considering I have reread Callum and Sonia's story three times, I would know!

And yet, Abel and Delilah finished out the three perfectly! I will mention the book lacked the power KA Epilogue! I would have loved to have been granted a glimpse into the future of these couples. And yet, I have no doubt that they all get the HEA they so richly deserved!

Well done KA! And now the wait begins for the next book release! The hurt felt too good. View all 27 comments. Feb 24, Raxa rated it really liked it. Looks at title. Every freaking second of every goddamn day. This is the bestest of the besta-freaking-abso-best series I've ever read. This would be worth the freaking wait. All my love, KA! Now on to finish the Rock Chick series.. View all 10 comments. Feb 11, Vishous rated it did not like it Shelves: What in dear heavens was this?!?!?!?

Why can't I stop torturing myself and simply stop and give up on new KA's books?!?! I just needed to find out how will this trilogy end! Why did I need to know that?!?!?!? I see rainbows so I will just smile and let him feed off me and fu k me because I feel that destiny on second page also I have a hole in me since birth and I search for sth to plug it all my lif What in dear heavens was this?!?!?!?

I have a hole in me since birth and I search for sth to plug it all my life I plugged it This book has no sense at all Lots of gibberish packed in one box of major eyeroll. Like the author didn't know what to make up so went with most ridiculous scenario possible on this planet!!!!! Her dad's friend dies protecting her. Final fight scene. Did I read that right?! Did she while asleep, fight against the enemy in her dreams, and then the hybrid entered her dream and suddenly there were all others there because the fight was in some town but LIVE on TV.

And the communication is getting worse And it's like sex fest in this book I rest my case and with this book I am saying goodbye to KA. Maybe I'll try her old ghost books but new ones View all 6 comments. She exceeded all of my expectations with this last installment in her The Three Series and I enjoyed every second of it!

I just need to get all my emotions in check first ;. View all 4 comments. I just love her paranormal romances! Waiting for the release Freaking 1-click pre-order button I caved once again! Can't wait for the 29th!!!! View all 9 comments. Mar 22, Lady Sal rated it it was amazing Shelves: After welcoming the New Year with a spectacular display of fireworks at the city's seawall; I decided to one-up it and read the to-die-for series finale of Kristen Ashley's The Three series, Wild and Free.

That said, I hope we get a closer glimpse into the lives of Callum's siblings. After all, Calder was given a royal edict to search for his mate. Dare I hope a novella will follow? I was not feeling the names Delilah and Abel but through her characters' story and words, we learn why they're be After welcoming the New Year with a spectacular display of fireworks at the city's seawall; I decided to one-up it and read the to-die-for series finale of Kristen Ashley's The Three series, Wild and Free.

I was not feeling the names Delilah and Abel but through her characters' story and words, we learn why they're been named thus. I'm not going to go into details because the surprises are worth it! And quite honestly, I loved Callum and Lucien but they now take a backseat to the deliciousness that is Abel. Not only because he's a werewolf vampire hybrid but because he's so, so , much like a regular guy only he's waaaay better that one can almost believe he's real. And wouldn't that be awesome?

Also, Abel serves up the best lines eva! But, alas, I get why it happened the way it did. Happy reading! View 2 comments.

Nov 30, Karen rated it liked it. It did not deliver. Being a huge fan, I would know.

I have read just about all of her books. So it is with a heavy heart that I say these things. Well she has. And I sort of wish she would have left us hanging. The final members of The Three. The long awaited ones required to complete the sacred triumvirate. The triumvirate needed to save the world. There was no build up, no mystery.

It was just like… BAM… insta-couple. And they were just sickeningly sweet together. No drama. No mystery. Instant soul mates.

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There was almost no character build up… at all. It seemed like it took me forever to get through it, hot sex scenes and all. Yuri [image error] Yuri and his cute little button.

Aurora [image error] These two totally saved the book for me. I would have much preferred the story to be theirs from the very beginning. No offense, Abel. But Yuri just lit me up… woke me from the deep coma I had fallen into. Having read many paranormal books in the past, it was hard to really get into it. But I had invested so much time by now, I just had to finish it. But this one has reminded me that she is human afterall. Nov 18, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy Shitoly.

Review to come closer to release date. View all 3 comments. If this was just about Delilah and Abel I would of dnf but having the other couples and extended families in the mix helped me continue and I wanted to find out what happened with the final battle.

The big battle was strange but cleverly done and the epilogue was okay. View all 12 comments. Nov 19, Karla rated it really liked it.

A little long, some good, some not so much, but there was one part of the story I absolutely loved and it was totally unexpected! Review to follow closer to release date Jan 07, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 11, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: Definitely not what I expected for the final Three book. Lots of talking and too many details made it not very exciting.

Kristen Ashley

I loved that the characters from previous books were there but still most of the book was about them sitting around waiting for something to happen or snapping at each other or hot sex I didn't mind the last one so much. I didn't connect with Abel or Delilah at all, as individuals or as a couple. It was way too rushed and I must say didn't like the end battle at 3. It was way too rushed and I must say didn't like the end battle at all, I was like seriously that's it.

Not a fan of how it all ended and who it was apparently about either. Maybe if Abel and Delilah got their own book and then another book about the battles then I would have connected more and understood the whys and hows of it all. Also, way too much detail and repetitiveness in words and thoughts, I start skimming then. I loved Yuri's story, I hope he gets a book. I'm obsessed with KA's earlier books, not her newer ones. So this is the end of the auto-download era for KA for me.

I will start looking at reviews now to see if I will like the book. View all 5 comments. Nov 03, Ang Sizzling Pages rated it it was amazing Shelves: For more reviews visit www. What a magnificent finale to a kickass paranormal romance trilogy. I could not tear myself away from my site. Held my breath with each turn of the page. Unable to let go because I had the absolute need to see where this story was leading me. Totally consumed within the world Kristen Ashley has creat For more reviews visit www.

Totally consumed within the world Kristen Ashley has created. Once again, this author wowed me by penning yet another 5 star read. The fate of mankind lies in the hands of three gifted couples - the Mighty Vampire Lucian and his human bride Leah. Super sexy King of the Werewolves Callum and his she-wolf queen Sonia. And Abel, part vampire, part wolf, all Alpha yumminess and his badass biker bitch Delilah.

With Gregor at the helm, the stage is set, enemies have aligned, the ugliness of war is inevitable and all is at stake. KA treats her fans to a saga filled with angst, plot twists and a dynamic cast of characters which brought me laughter, as well as to tears, while overwhelming me with sizzling passionate moments practically setting my site on fire.

Now, just one Alpha hero with all their dominant ways and sexy talk is enough to send my heart racing.

Imagine the intensity of four gorgeous men! He was one sexy bastard , floored me. I swear my ovaries went into hyper—drive and exploded. On a quest to find a way to fill the life long emptiness within her soul, Lilah is drawn to a small biker town, Serpentine Bay. She soon discovers her life is in danger and is attached by a wild pack of immortal bad guys. Her hero…a powerful and incredibly strong stranger. Abel, sensing danger, is instinctively drawn to Lilah and saves her life.

Clueless as to whom she is and the sudden need to protect her, he immediately finds the missing piece of his soul. For centuries he has been searching for someone to take away the constant yearning and pain. Until I found you. We have an over the top dirty talking hybrid with a sexual appetite that had me swooning. He could be a major jerk at times, majorly pissing Lilah and me off, but Abel was tender, passionate and sweet.

Each time he called Lilah boa bei meaning precious I melted. The more I saw into the depths of his character, the deeper I fell in love. Left abandoned by his parents, Abel was taken in by a loving Chinese family.

Never encountering another supernatural, he felt misplaced, believing he was a monster. This pulled on my heartstrings as I ached for his pain. No longer seeing himself as a monster, but the protector and lover of his life mate. Can I just say that as a heroine, Lilah totally rocked.

The perfect compliment to Abel, she was funny, stubborn and sassy. She accepted her destiny instead of annoyingly fighting it what a refreshing change from the typical female lead.

I respected the way she stood her ground when facing her fears and adversaries. And she was one hell of a fierce chick when someone dared to flip her biker bitch switch. I loved her and her crazy family especially her dad, Hooker.

I adored the way she loved Abel unconditionally, feeding him confidence and sharing her strength.

Lilah has become one of my favorite female characters. The biggest surprise for me in this read was Yuri. Oh man, did he turn my feelings for him around. At first glance, Yuri was annoyingly arrogant. But let me tell you, his suave and sophisticated sexiness was highly erotic.

He was de-lish-ous. As much as this was a love story, Wild and Free focuses on the ugliness of war and the constant battle of good versus evil. This read was long I love savoring an epic tale with a constantly moving storyline. It goes without saying that like the first two novels, Wild and Free was exceptionally written. I liked seeing this story told from various points of view throughout and loved the ingenious way the battle scenes were depicted.

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I should note that sexual boundaries were pushed a bit in a way I have never experienced from this author, which added a different and edgier level to her writing style. But regardless, this story captivated me with its romance, passion, and love of the heart, of family and of friends. A truly fantastic way to end a great series. Review posted to: This is a series about three extraordinary couples and the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Taken in by the Jin family at a very young age, he's outlived the original Jin patriarch who found him a 3. Taken in by the Jin family at a very young age, he's outlived the original Jin patriarch who found him abandoned as an infant and is now with the 3rd generation of Jin Family patriarch.

Delilah Johnson has lived most of her life feeling like she was missing a piece of herself. Delilah decided that she needed to get out of town and spread her wings, with her father's encouragement, she packed her bags and ended up in Serpentine Bay, a little biker town her father is a biker and current home of the Jin family.

He instantly knows Delilah is meant to be his and for the very first time in his long life he feels totally complete. And, of course catching up with Callum and Sonia and Lucian and Leah was fantastic. While my overall rating is 3. We see the three couples come together to fulfill the prophecy and working together to bring down an enemy and save humankind.

Lastly, I could have done without the loss of a character that I came to really, really like, I admit it had me in tears. Other than that heartbreaking scene, the series wrapped up nicely with another amazing KA signature epilogue.

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Wild and Free

Dec 29, Jacqueline rated it it was ok. It's taken me five days to push through this. Five long ass, precious days when I was on holiday from work with lots of time to read. Typically I'd read two or even three books in that time but this one just didn't grab me like a KA usually would. And in light of the fact that the first and second books in this series were both among my favourite reads of last year, I'm gutted. The biggest problem with this for me was that it was more of a story about a battle and less of a romance.

There was lot It's taken me five days to push through this. There was lots of smut, much coarser than usual didn't mind that though in this, but the belly tingling romance was absent. And it's that belly tingling sensation that I've come to look forward to in a KA. Usually there is a female who has to be won over, but in this, Abel and Delilah get together immediately, no drama, no tension We then move into the longest stretch of the book where everyone we've met in the previous two stories plus all of the new characters from this story go into a luxurious bunker and plan a battle.

This section was interminable with characters discussing their skills and those of their enemies and what they might do or might not do. I really tried to care, but I was Bored.

The only highlights were the smut hot, vulgar and blessedly plentiful and Delilah's biker father who seemed to have stumbled into this story by accident because he was witty and cute and loveable and all of the character traits that normally feature in abundance in a KA.

There was a sub plot involving Yuri the vamp who'd kind of grown up as Sonia from book two's sister and a witch which was sweet and far more interesting to me than Abel and Delilah' s story, but it was kind of tacked onto the main story, it wasn't really enough to sate my need for romance, but rather it highlighted what was so sadly lacking from the main plot.

Then finally, finally the battle happened and the storyline lost all sense of reality and kind of jumped the shark. The thing I'd really loved about the first two books was the alternative world in this seemed plausible and real but all that was ditched in this book in favour of some truly ridiculous "drama".

An army of bunnies?

The epilogue was also a bit of a let down, only dealing with the period immediately after the main story had finished. I'm sorry to say this was a huge disappointment for me after the utter brilliance of the first two books in this series.

I can't recommend this one to romance fans but I suppose if you enjoy stories about battle strategizing or um bunny armies is that even a genre? View all 15 comments. Feb 14, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: We are dropped straight into the story and its go, go, go from the very beginning. Book 1 featured vampire Lucien and his mate, book 2 was werewolf Callum and his mate, and this book gives us the story of Abel — a vampire werewolf hybrid the only one of his kind — and his mate, Delilah.

The book begins with Abel rescuring Lilah from a vicious attack, immediately claiming her as his and taking her to his home. I love a fast-moving alpha, but this one has got to be a record! But then, supernatural bonds always help a romantic storyline along.

But they still banter, bicker, and have to feel their way forward with each other just like any other couple. He watched me do this before he grinned. My stomach flipped over. Oh yeah, he was beautiful. She was a fucking fantasy come to life. And, of course, the sex is scorching! They are wild in life, and in the bedroom, they are uber-hot - both of them liking things hard and rough.

And there is plenty of opportunity for it! Abel tangled a hand in my hair and yanked my head back and to the side so he could watch me come.

And when he did, I gave him a show because one could say I seriously liked my man pulling my hair. But it was better because it felt like he was using it to drive me down harder on his big dick. Milk me. I love Lilah! She is sensible and no-nonsense, yet totally sassy in that way that KA heroines are, and she is a straight-up biker chick which probably helps her accept the crazy that is about to overtake her life.

She was raised by her father who absolutely adores her, and who is a badass biker who lives loud and proud, and that is a lesson that Lilah has taken to heart. And when I did, not to settle for anything less. And Abel is absolutely gorgeous! He is a vampire werewolf hybrid of Asian descent but despite this, he speaks and behaves like a Carnal mountain man, or possibly a badass for hire. He has been raised in the human world with no contact at all from supernaturals, so he has had to figure his needs and his special powers out on his own, all the while thinking that he was some kind of monster.

Not only that, but he has only just had his first contact with vampires and werewolves, and it was as they were attacking Lilah, so he is fully untrusting of vampires and werewolves in general. So when Lucien and Callum make their appearance yay! But the boys are made of awesome, and are there to guide him, and I love that we got to watch as Abel started to understand what he is fully capable of, and the bond between the boys became something incredibly special.

Callum leaned toward Abel. You have many brothers, as do I. But now, you have two more. It was fantastic to check in on both couples, and I loved watching the strong relationships develop between them all.

The big confrontation has been building over the three books, and with such a strong start to this one, and so many paranormal elements at play vampires, werewolves, witches, golems, phantoms and wraiths I was expecting something epic, but it takes such a long time to get there, I thought that the story lost momentum.

And when it finally happened it took me a moment to clue in that this was actually it, but then I was hooked - excited but with a sense of impending dread waiting to see if everybody would make it out alive. The whole story is told in multiple POV. Not just Lilah and Abel, but little bits thrown in from the side characters and it creates a really nicely well-rounded story. A badass with a tender heart, he is completely unapologetic and utterly hilarious! He looked to his daughter.

My stash ran out three days ago. I really enjoyed both of these characters, and seeing them come together was gorgeous, but it felt a little strange for such an in-depth secondary romance to be included when there was so much else going on. As much as I enjoyed it, I feel like it took away from the intensity of everything else that should have been happening. Overall though, I thought this was a fantastic book. It's funny, sexy, romantic and emotional with a lot of heart and a nice amount of action.

I loved it - 4 stars. View all 13 comments. Jan 17, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: This book features the third couple of the prophecies, Abel and Delilah. Abel is a hybrid immortal. He is half vampire and half werewolf. Delilah is his destined human mate. When Delilah is under attack, Abel appears and rescues her. After he saves her life, each finds the other to be the missing piece in their life.

But once they are told of the prophecies, will their connection survive? What did I think? Okay, so fair warning, I decided to sit down and write this review after my morning run in an attempt to tone down the ranting that will likely occur.

Having said that, possible ranting ahead.. Let's jump right in, shall we? The start of this book makes me want to do bad things to my beloved site. I kid you not , it went something like this: Hey, nice to meet you Lilah.

I'm Abel. You know you're mine right? And I must claim you right now on the bed I used with some other chick like yesterday.. Oh yes, Abel honey, I'm yours. That hole inside me is gone now that you're here. I don't care that you just appeared out of nowhere to kill a bunch of wolves and men for me, dragged me to your underground lair, and then explained those were immortals you killed because they exist.

I need no time to adjust to any of this. Everything is just so cool. Nothing much seemed to happen. For real though, I fell asleep reading this. At 3pm yesterday. So I will just hit the "highlights" on my shit list. And she is supposed to be the "best of the Three?

Yeah, I bet. Yes, Lilah. You're a fucking rainbow. This flat, one-dimensional giggling asshat annoyed me SO much. Cause that's not awkward or anything. But most annoying? It wasn't enough that Abel admitted to Lilah the day they meet that he fucked and drank from another woman - in the same bed Lilah sleeps in that night - earlier that same afternoon. We had to be reminded constantly about all his conquests, his bitches, and how he had had A LOT of them.

We get it. You are just oh so desireable, blah, blah, blah. You know, sometimes inference is better than actually knowing.

Because of all this, Lilah's idiocy, and the slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am insta-love that was this relationship, I just wasn't downloading it.What I liked and loved about this book: Other books in the series. That being said I will try to review this book. All we really get is a couple growls, some non-memorable fighting, and mediocre sex.

I will still voraciously re-read all of my KA favorites. Frazier The story of Grim and Emma Jean continues. I didn't get that. Then the two lovers' wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory