A learner's companion to Ruby on Rails. Read on O'Reilly Online Learning with a day trial. Head First Rails takes your programming -- and productivity -- to the max. Ready to transport your web applications into the Web era? Head First Rails takes your programming -- and productivity -- to the max. You'll learn everything. Editorial Reviews. Book Description. After reading Head First Ruby on Rails, web developers frustrated with the heavy-lifting associated with other languages.

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Head First Rails: A Learner's Companion To Ruby -. Openisbn, Head First Rails - Free Download Ebook -,. Books Similar To Head First Rails: A Learner's. [ Free eBooks ] Head First Rails (originally called: Head First Ruby on Rails) is another good book Head First Rails example files download. This Repo contain Head First series eBook. Head First PMP 2nd Edition () ; Head First Python; Head First Rails; Head First jQuery; Head first C (full ).

Head first Rails

David Griffiths began programming at age 12, after being inspired by a documentary on the work of Seymour Papert. After studying Pure Mathematics at University, he began writing code for computers and magazine articles for humans and he is currently an agile coach with Exoftware in the UK, helping people to create simpler, more valuable software.

He spends his free time traveling and time with his lovely wife, Dawn. Head First Rails: A Learner's Companion to Ruby on Rails. David Griffiths. Chapter 2 beyond scaffolding.

Chapter 3 inserting updating and deleting. Chapter 4 database finders.

Chapter 5 validating your data. Chapter 6 making connections. Chapter 7 ajax.

Chapter 8 XML and multiple representations. It took me a few years, but I finally mastered the framework after studying its source code and extending it.

But it won't take you as long! Because I've packed my years of experience, research and struggle into this course. I've been teaching this course online and in-person for more than five years. I've improved, polished and perfected my approach all along.

The course you see today, is the culmination of all this work. I also created my own Ruby implementation: tinyrb , because I'm a much more powerful developer now and can understand and solve problems that intimidated me in the past. This is the only class I've ever wanted to take multiple times.

It's that good. Not just on Rails, but any technology.

It was really well presented and I think driving through the Rails core and then building out an app worked beautifully. I feel closer to being able to actually contribute to Rails. I always wanted to but I never really had a clue where to start. One of the best courses I have done. I can't wait to use them. Anyone who is looking to dig deeper in Rails should take this course.

It has made me realize that Rails is not written by aliens, just by people like you and me. Great explanations in response to questions.

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He lifts the mystery behind some of the magical aspects of Rails and exposes the solid thinking and the outstanding work that has gone into the Rails framework. Owning Rails gets it done in 8 hours, which is frankly amazing and a credit to Marc. This class is a must if you want to understand how Ruby on Rails works and improve your performance when coding apps. Worth every single peny. Don't be afraid anymore. Take a dive into the internals of Rails.

Forget that! Build Rails yourself. As an experienced Ruby and Rails developer, there were several times when I wanted to point out some interesting feature or pattern in the chat room Even at my level, though, I learned enough valuable new tools to make the class worthwhile.

More importantly, I'm now inspired to go off and write my own MVC microframework in Ruby in a day or two -- and that's a great feeling! Did you ever bang your head on a bug only to find out days later it was a Rails bug?

I will teach you to read Rails code to discover bugs in minutes instead of days. You'll be able to discover Rails hidden features such as core extensions, ActiveModel, custom validators and form builders by quickly skimming over its internal code. Never get stuck in the framework again.

Make Rails do what you want by altering its internals. Write concise and reusable Rails code by understanding all the features it offers.

Head First (book series)

Learn how to quickly find your way in the source code of any gem. Refactor your app into something you're proud of, using only the features of Rails.

Understand the path of a request in Rails, how your code is loaded, how views are rendered, and much more You have created a Rails app before. You know what a Rails model, controller, helper and view is.

You're wondering how Rails work inside. You feel Rails has too much magic. You sometimes feel stuck in the framework. You want to contribute back to Rails.

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You should NOT take this course ifPrinted in the United States of America. While it's not getting me through anywhere near as much material as other books like the iconic "camel book" of Perl, I find that I can remember and use what I have learned. Alongside reading, tutorials and videos, when beginning with Ruby On Rails you should always include practical lessons, exercise and experiences. Take a dive into the internals of Rails.


Discover the architecture of Rails and understand the basic structure of a Gem. The data needs to be on a map We need to create a new action The new action seems to work Please note this book covers Rails 2. Truth or consequences?

It was really well presented and I think driving through the Rails core and then building out an app worked beautifully.