For more details, the above source code is able to download a file using a JQuery Ajax request (GET, POST, PUT etc). It, also, helps to upload parameters as. Occasionally I stumble upon the need to download files from POST requests. An example would be generating PDF files, where the PDF. When a user sends some data to server using ajax call (Here I use 'get' question), it should send pdf to the client side and should show in.

Pdf From Ajax Post

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createElement('a'); var url = norinkgibipen.gqObjectURL(data); norinkgibipen.gq = url; a. download = 'norinkgibipen.gq'; norinkgibipen.gq(); norinkgibipen.gqObjectURL(url); } }); });. AJAX call to download PDF not working. Expert Posts: Join Date: 1/19/12 Recent Posts. Flag I am making an AJAX call in JSP to download the pdf file. I am at the point where I can open a pdf through a form submit - like in the sample , but cannot recreate the same with an ajax post - opening a.

We can have a perfectly normal form, and add this Ajax on top.

We also read the action attribute of the form to know where to send the request. The beauty of this example is: if the object detection script returns false, this form will still work, and therefore functionality will remain intact.

I have found this problem across versions of the OS and browser apps. This is not the end of the world though.

Obvious when you think of it: Listen to the loadstart event and show some kind of pseudo-progress feedback. For example, an indeterminate progress bar or a spinner.

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If and when progress is triggered, remove this pseudo-progress element and replace it with a real progress bar. Instead, use good old readystatechange. On the other hand readystatechange will wait for a response from the server, with occurs later.

A complete example But enough of theory. You could use this plugin which creates a form, and submits it, then removes it from the page.

George Siggouroglou 7, 6 63 Ijas Ameenudeen Ijas Ameenudeen 7, 3 30 This plugin just creates a form, and submits it, then removes it from the page. JMax This solution worked like a charm.

File upload using AJAX (+jQuery)

I'm calling a server side script which makes a curl call to a service which fetches the file via curl. This works great as I can drop a loading gif and disable the request link.

Do you have to do it with Ajax? Coouldn't it be a possibility to load it in an iframe? I am checking if, this could be done with Ajax. If it is technically impossible or an inferior approach, i'd switch to other approaches.

Gihan Sandaru Gihan Sandaru 25 1 Please write some explanation for your answer. Vpant Vpant 62 It can pdf file path xhr. MemZ MemZ 41 2.

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Ninja Ninja 1, 13 Nathan Tuggy 2, 9 25 If you have to work with file-stream so no physically saved PDF like we do and you want to download the PDF without page-reload, the following function works for us: George Maharis George Maharis 3 Solution was this: Jurijs Kastanovs Jurijs Kastanovs 1 11 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Related Hot Network Questions. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The specific improvement that made this possible is the FormData interface , first introduced in Safari 5, and later in Chrome 7 and Firefox 4. Also as usual, the best way to know if the client supports this feature is object detection.

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If not, it may still be that the old technique can still be used although chances are slim. If neither is, you will have to resort to some other way to do this, such as Flash argh!

Last year, we fed it an instance of the File interface. This time instead, we will give it an instance of FormData.

Загрузите и откройте PDF файл, используя Ajax

FormData gives us two ways to interface with it. Any events that you may be listening to will be called, such as onprogress or onreadystatechange. Submitting only the file The solution proposed above, albeit useful, is a bit limiting in that we are forced to submit the whole form.

Instead, we may want to submit the file independently of the rest of the form. This is common nowadays in places such as bulk photo uploaders on many social networks.This is common nowadays in places such as bulk photo uploaders on many social networks.

In case you don't use FPDF and need to set it manually simply add this before the output: Max no of attachments: Instead, use good old readystatechange.

Hope this will save you a few hours and spare you from a headache. Topic Type: In some browsers the window.